The Sharetrade Pledge

In Colombia the average yearly income for a coffee farmer is below the national poverty line. Coffee farmers rarely have a pension or health insurance. Farmers deserve a bigger share of the price paid for a cup of excellent coffee and this is why we pay the ‘right’ price – the price necessary to support the other principles.

Big Rock was founded on principles of justice and equality, working to change the lives of coffee farmers for the better. We’re focused on investment in local communities and long-term thinking. Embodied in our SHARETRADE pledge. 

What is the SHARETRADE pledge?

Fairtrade established standards in the farming industry that put farmers rights first. Working for safer working conditions and fairer pay. But we wanted to build on Fairtrade and work to bring greater opportunity to the farming communities who need it most. So we created the SHARETRADE Pledge. Like Fairtrade, but fairer. 

SHARETRADE is our set of principles to address injustice in global food supply chains. It’s a commitment founded on 6 principles.

  1. We support and encourage cooperative models, shared ownership, and partnership.
  2. We pay farmers fair prices and help them develop long-term plans to improve their incomes.
  3. We guarantee livelihood security and good living standards for farmers.
  4. We promote know-how transfer for more sustainable agriculture
  5. We provide access to financing.
  6. We build long term relationships with farmers to build security and improve quality and yields.

We work with three farming families in Colombia and have watched their lives transform as a market for premium coffee has flourished in Europe. We build long term relationships with every farmer, working with partners to determine the right price for high-quality, always higher than the standard market price.