The Big Rock Story

It’s a surprise to almost everyone we talk to that when you buy a £4 cup of coffee the farmer who grew it gets only 4p. Coffee farmers' income often barely covers the cost of producing coffee. Many farmers have no healthcare or social support, and very few can put money aside to save for their old age. When you add the climate crisis into the mix it’s not hard to see why most young people are choosing to leave coffee farming.  

We assume our daily coffee will always be there to enjoy, but with young people leaving coffee farming to find work in cities, and with the increasing pressures on farmers caused by the climate crisis, the future of coffee is less certain than it used to be.  

At Big Rock, we love coffee. We want coffee to be around for years to come and for future generations to enjoy. Founded by two friends, Al and Dean, over their mutual love of a good cup of coffee and shared belief that the coffee industry can do better, Big Rock is built on two core beliefs:

  • That every cup of coffee should be delicious
  • That the value of a cup of coffee should be shared by everyone who made it 

This second belief led Al and Dean to create the SHARETRADE pledge. 6 principles that make the coffee supply chain more transparent. Fairtrade, but more. Because coffee farmers should see the extra value created by a premium cup of coffee reflected in their income too, not just the big guys at the top. That’s why at Big Rock we pay above market price as a standard, and then ensure farmers get the money from any extra value added by premium coffee, like ours.  

At Big Rock we work directly with growers and all the other people who work to get the coffee from the farm to the roastery. We want to change coffee for good, so that coffee lovers can continue to buy exceptional quality coffee and there will be growers around able and willing to supply it for years to come.