Miller Marin- Lot No.1

Miller Marin, Finca La Rivera, Peñol
Miller lives and works on the La Rivera farm with his wife and two children. We were fortunate to meet Miller several years ago - he has been the inspiration and guide for our ShareTrade model. He is an experienced farmer and a real entrepreneur. He not only produces excellent quality green coffee but also roasts his own beans and sells it to the local market.

Peñol is a region in the province of Antioquia. It is renowned for its coffee and its spectacular beauty high up in the Andes. Coffee production has come under threat from plant disease, low market prices and the competition for land from property developers. Miller finds himself at the centre of these challenges. He does not own any of his farmland and is concerned that he will be asked to forfeit his land when leases expire in the next five years. 

We have agreed a Farm Transformation Plan with Miller that boosts his productivity, substantially improves his revenues and provides him with a savings plan that will enable him to buy a hectare of his own land in 5 years' time.