Jorge @Fincamigos

Jorge Taborda, Los Nogales, La Arboleda

Jorge lives and works on the Los Nogales smallholding with his wife and three children. The farm is only 0.7 hectares, too small to be profitable in its own right. He worked for many years for a landlord farmer and was promised land in return for labour - unfortunately the landlord reneged and did not provide the land to Jorge.

We are helping Jorge to introduce better agronomy and business practices on his farm and creating the opportunity to enlarge his smallholding so that it has the scale to become a viable, sustainable enterprise. Big Rock has joined forces with FincAmigos to fund a Farm Transformation Plan for Jorge.

FincAmigos is a neighbouring estate also committed to speciality quality, innovation and sustainability best practices. In addition to upgrading his own farm, Jorge will help FincAmigos with the planting of new Arabica varietals which should command higher prices in the future. Jorge's objective is to be able to buy an additional hectare of land by 2023.

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