Better Coffee

We love coffee because it takes its character from the places and people who produce it. We commit to building long term relationships with everyone involved at the various stages of the process of making great coffee, starting at the farm.

Our first coffee comes from the high altitude farm of Miller Marin in Penol, in the region of Antioquia, Colombia. We were drawn to Miller by his passion for his coffee, alongside his openness and willingness to help us pioneer a new sourcing model directly from his farm.

The result is Miller Marin Lot No.1, our signature coffee, containing only Miller’s finest hand-selected Arabica beans. Fresh yet smooth-bodied, Lot No.1 has notes of ripe apricot and rich chocolate praline, creating a genuinely unique flavour profile rarely found in the UK. Try it, and you’ll see what we mean.

We are working on the ground with Expocafé in Colombia. They are a leading exporter of Colombian speciality coffee who share our ambition to transform the way farmers are rewarded for their work.

We also joined forces with Smiths, a family owned coffee business that has specialised in single origin roasting since 1931. They’re utterly obsessed with coffee - we get on well.